An indepent laboratory serving innovators in the soft furnishing decorative fabric industry. Labotex believes that it is only through an in-depth scientific understanding of the performance and behavior of fabrics that this degree of excellence and quality can be reached. The aim is to achieve and commit to highest international excellence in textile analysis


A fabric is classified as environmentally friendly when it passes Oeko-Tex 100 Standard. Harmful substances are prohibited or are regulated by law. Parameters are practised when dealing with these fabrics as a precautionary measure to safeguard health. Desenio fabrics are granted with this standard which should NOT we harmful when it comes to contact with skin (even to babies) and are non-carcinogenic.


Martindale Wear Resistance
Assesses fabric’s resistance to abrasion at certain intervals to identify yarns breakage and appearance changes

Assesses fabric’s resistance to pilling

Assesses fabric’s resistance for abrasion at certain intervals to identify yarn breakage appreciable wear, colour loss and loss of pile

Seam Slippage
Measures the fabric’s movement at the seam

Tensile Strength & Elongation
Measures the fabric’s strength and percentage of elongation until rupture

Tearing Strength Wing Shaped
Measures the amount of force needed to tear the fabric


Colour Fastness
Colour fastness to rubbing (also know as the “Crock” test), light, water, washing and dry cleaning test


Dimensional Stability
Records the dimensional stability of the fabric when hanging


Washing, Dry clean & Ironing
Records the fabric’s reaction to cleaning and ironing


British FR Standard

FR fabric test for British Standard BS5852 type 0 and British contract drapery BS5867 part 2 Type A,B & C. Fabric is tested before and after cleaning.


USA FR Standard

FR fabric tests and classification for cigarette ignition resistance of component on upholstered furniture NFPA260